What are the salient features and promotion policy of DRDS?

DRDO employs highly qualified and competent scientists and technologists in Group 'A' (Class I Gazetted) services known as Defence Research & Development Service (DRDS). A Flexible Complementing Scheme (FCS) is being followed by DRDO. It means that with each promotion, based purely on merit basis, the posts in the grades of Scientist 'B' to 'H' are upgraded automatically to the next higher grades.

The minimum residency period is 3 years for Scientist 'B', 4 years for Scientists 'C', 'D' & 'E', 5 years for Scientist 'F' and 3 years for Scientist 'G'. Relaxation of one year in the minimum residency period, which is limited to two times in entire career, is given to a Scientist 'C'/'D'/'E'/'F' on earning consistently 90% and above marks in three successive CPARs in the same grade. An Internal Screening Committee reviews the CPARs of a scientist on completion of the minimum residency period and decides about his/her eligibility based on the marks obtained in the CPARs. The eligible scientists in the grades of 'B', 'C', 'D' & 'E' have to appear before a duly constituted selection committee which assesses the candidates for promotion to next higher grade. The eligible scientists in the grades of 'F', 'G' & 'H' are required to submit their resume indicating their contribution during the period of review. Based on contribution of scientists, a Peer committee assesses the scientists ( 'F', 'G' & 'H' ) for promotion to next higher grade.

DRDO not only offers employment but also lays emphasis on Human Resource Development. DRDO trains its personnel at its training institutions in Pune and Mussourie and also at prestigious academic institutions viz, IITs, IISc Bangalore etc. for acquiring higher educational qualifications. Opportunities also arise for foreign deputations for training or presentation of research papers and other specific assignments.


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